About this site

About this site

This is a personal blog on creating ways to find relief. High impact sports are fine long as I’m a spectator. Yoga, on the other hand, is preferred because I can customize what fits. I’m the expert on what works best for me. My wooden rocking chair is good for self massages. It can also be a prop for a low impact yoga workout.

There are natural pain relief solutions. Regardless of prescriptions, herbals, or over the counter medicine, sleep and relaxation is key to relieving pain. Personally, I cannot use opioid pharmaceuticals. They’ve caused extreme nausea. Therefore, herbals are in the mix. Meanwhile, I’m staying occupied.

My hobbies are helping occupy my mental condition. Contentment is one of the most serious sides of that. Finding a content mental state to blend with meditation brings on relaxation. Aches and pains accompany the heavy duty sports participants plus the folks with physical ailments. With emphasis on physical activities, one of my long-term hobbies has been container horticulture. A partial personal collection:

This site also includes bits and pieces of interpersonal relationships. A psychology brief on bipolar disorder and making sense of it. For instance, mental problems vary, treatment plans are also variable. What works for one person may not work for another. Treatment plans involving medicines may need a short-term solution. Long-term plans may need adjustments too.

Anxiety, depression, low-self-image, lack of self-control, bitterness, frustration have negative consequences on people. Someone harboring any of these emotional disturbances could become the best physiologist they’ll ever meet.